fetishization of trans people (and transphobia)

this contains mentions of nsfw

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what is transphobia?

transphobia is "the fear, hatred, disbelief, or mistrust of people who are transgender" or " irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against transgender people"

what is fetishizing?

fetishizing is an excessive or irrational obsession with something. it also means "to obsess over", or to be very close to obsession. fetishizing does not have to be, and is not always sexual

who can id as trans?

anyone who does not identify as their assigned gender at birth(agab), this includes FtM, MtF, and nonbinary and the identites under it.

examples of fetishizing

a/b/o fics (alpha/omega universe), "trans people have the best of both worlds", assuming all queer/gay men are bottoms

examples of transphobia

not supporting neopronouns (also ableist), misgendering, "i'm not transphobic but....", "if you were trans you would have dysphoria"

an: please don't use "bussy" if you are cis, it makes a lot of trans people very uncomfortable (including me)

how to be a better ally

listen to your trans friends, call out transphobia and cisnormativity when you see it, supporting trans people, support trans charities, don't make trans jokes as a cisgender person.